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Dofí Sud

El Delfín - look forward to a fantastic dive at this beautiful spot on the Medas Islands on the Costa Brava. This place is named after the statue located at the tunnel exit in the south and it is famous for its light effects, the cathedral, and its dark tunnels. El Delfin is a good diving point both for all those enjoying tunnel dives and also for less experienced divers because of the variety of tunnels with depths up to 18 m and where you are always only a few meters away from the big entries/exits. Inside these tunnels you can observe the typical cave life: conger eels, slipper lobsters, lobsters, and many rocklings and meagres. Near the entries it is very likely to come across schools of sea breams as well as giant groupers. Experienced divers can swim through the long tunnel (65 m length). The exit is at the north side of the island in about 25 m depth. Both walls at the entry are covered by huge gorgonians. Please take into consideration that you will need one or two lights for this dive.


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