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La Ferriol

4-30m · Level */*** · Nitrox 32% recommended

Starting at the popular Cala Ferriola, we will discover a tunnel crossing the little island and at its end it turns into a natural swimming pool. This is the ideal scenery on the Costa Brava for less experienced divers to have their first experience with the underwater world. We start our dive from the interior part of the island that is well-protected from the winds and steeply dive down along the wall. From here, we reach a crevice in the depth of 12 m beneath which you will find the entrance to the tunnel of La Ferriola. The tunnel is quite broad and it is always possible to see the light of the entry. Be careful with your fin strokes, the bottom here is sandy. The scenery includes red corals, some crawfishes, sponges, and a variety of scorpion fishes. After some 20 m we will leave the tunnel in a depth of some 25 m. In front of us a canyon appears that takes us in northeast direction until we have reached a sandy seabed some 29 m deep. On this seabed you should be able to spot some stone blocks with many red corals and a great deal of crawfishes. We further make our way in southeast direction diving back to the island - we can turn to the left or to the right – and heading back to the bay where the ship is waiting for us.